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The Stud



Established breeding Lusitano horses since 1981

Lusitano Horses at Quinta das Arribas, Portugal

By the banks of River Tagus, a Stud Farm breeding the magnificent Lusitano horse, the National horse of Portugal


Nas margens do rio Tejo, coudelaria dedicada ao magnifico cavalo Lusitano

Cavalos Lusitanos

En las márgenes del río Tajo, Yeguada dedicada al magnifico caballo Lusitano Caballos Lusitanos

Sur la rive droite du Tage, éleveur du magnifique cheval Lusitanien,

le cheval du Portugal

Chevaux Lusitaniens


Ein Gestuet an den Ufern des Tejo, wo das herrliche Pferd Portugals,

der Lusitano gezuechtet wird

Lusitano pferde


Photos from the Lusitano stallion Rondo  "Champion of Champions" at the Swedish Iberian Horse Festival 2006 - Section "News"


Stud affiliated in the APSL                                          PORTUGAL


We welcome you to visit our website, we hope you will enjoy to see our beautiful Lusitano horses.  You can find here information about Iberian horses and the history of the Lusitano horse. You will be able to see the photos, videos and the genealogy from  some of the Lusitano stallions, mares and foals that we have been breeding. You will find some videos or photos of our Lusitano horses hacking, doing Classical Dressage, performing during horse shows, doing Show Jumping or just in the field.  Our noble and docile Lusitano horses have been selected aiming to enhance some of the outstanding characteristics from the Lusitano breed: morphologic proportions, movements, concentration capacity which make them wonderful horses for riding.


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